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English, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian and Czech speaking


Hi, I'm an expat, living and working in Tokyo for over 15 years, sharing free time between Japan and Europe.

I can speak English, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian and Czech. As a hardcore traveler in the past, I understand the final "niche" feeling of satisfaction when traveling abroad, while having not typical ,, follow the crowd,,experiences ...

I can offer tailored made on demand private tours and guided go out activities for small groups and individuals as well.
I am an open minded host who doesn't mind share his free time with people on the move. Watering holes for gentlemen, night out in unknown town having few drinks and feeling safe, while exploring the underground? Sure.
Ladies who want to explore nightlife, club scene or just hang out without any stress or anxiety? Contact me.
Wishing to cross the Rainbow bridge on foot ? Peek into various Maid Cafe shops in Akihabara ?
Having guts to go the one and only ,,nude restaurant ,, in Tokyo ? Go fishing to your own rented pond ? Just ask
Wanna get a tattoo or just check out the red light district out of curiosity? Why not.
Eat where the locals do ? Mingle with Japanese salary men or just feel the atmosphere around you ? Unusual places, hang out bars, local curiosities.

I'm always eager to hear your own original request.