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English, Russian speaking


"Kon-nichi-wa" from Tokyo! Welcome!

My name is Marina.
I'm resident of the Land of the Rising Sun already for 7 years, and for the whole time not a single day has passed without learning something new or making me surprised!

Japan for me is much more than just a notorious Asian country. Not just "exotic".
There is much more here than one can see on the surface.
I did not fall in love at first sight, as many like to say; my first impression better to be described as I had stunned, it "caught" me completely, and gradually the initial cultural shock developed into a deep, genuine feeling of endless admiration and respect.

Japan is a constantly learning journey, like horizon - which is never to be reached.
I've been to more than 30 countries but I still find only Japan the uniquest place and comparable to nothing.

I'd be happy to share my passion to Japan and walk you through it!