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My name is Anthony Kustermann and I would like to share with you the wonders and beauty which exist here in Tokyo.
I first came to Japan as a member of the United States Air Force in 1988 and have lived here ever since.
After finishing my military duties, I was fortunate to find a teaching position in Kanazawa, a castle city in the northern part of Honshu.
I am basically an outdoorsman and combined my love of nature with the scenic beauty of Kanazawa by ascending its many peaks.
By pursuing mountain climbing, I was able to interact with local Japanese people on a more social level. The majority of these mountains can be transversed on foot, giving one ample opportunity to interact with everyday Japanese people.
One such mountain is Mount Takao, which can be ascended on foot.
There exists many attractions along the route, such as a mountain temple and varieties of local food which can be enjoyed at the foot of the peak.
If you would rather not walk up the mountain, there is a rope way to assist you.
I find visiting mountains such as Takao to be a welcome oasis in the midst of such a large city as Tokyo.
I think you will enjoy the unique vantage point from atop Takao and you will certainly see a side of Tokyo which is still in pristine condition.

Thank you,